JOB SEARCH ★★★ (coming 2021)

With the current pandemic sweeping the nation, we have seen the number of veteran unemployment skyrocket.

While thankfully as whole it has taken a downward shift, it still sits around 7.0%. To put it in perspective, before the pandemic, we hovered around 3.4%. Unfortunately, these numbers are also not even amongst all veterans. For post-9/11 veterans, approximate ages 24-35yrs old, saw their unemployment rate has actually increased. Just in August of this year reaching 11.7%. These Heroes are unemployed at a rate that is higher than that of those who have never worn the uniform. Here at 3H Corps, we find that unacceptable. Especially considering there has never been a stronger case for hiring Veterans then there is now.
Our Job Search tool will consider both the veteran, and the employer. For the veteran, they will see job opportunities from companies who have committed to hiring veterans. And employers will have a peace of mind knowing they have access to a pool of veteran’s who have truly upheld the military value.
Please continue to check back as we make progress and update you on the finalization of this powerful tool.

If you are an employer looking to hire veterans and would like more information about our Quality Connections Job Board, please connect with us here.


After the longest two wars in our nation’s history, over 2.9 million service members have returned to civilian life and an estimated 1 million more will do so over the next five years.


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